Effective Estimates Up the Ante on
Patient Engagement

Mar 20, 2017

Last month, in Part Two of our patient engagement series, we examined the benefits of leveraging technology tools that enable patient engagement in the revenue cycle.  In Part Three, we take a closer look at technology-enabled estimates and the impact this practice has on both engagement and the financial bottom line. Much attention has been paid to the concepts […]

Why 5 Chicago serial entrepreneurs keep coming back for more

Feb 23, 2017

Built In Chicago spoke with five serial entrepreneurs about what drives them to keep starting new companies. Read what SwervePay’s CEO, Jaeme Adams, has to say on the topic of  being an entrepreneur and  the lessons  he’s learned along the way. Read full article here    

Patient Engagement Goes High-Tech

Feb 11, 2017

In Part One, “Engaging Patients Delivers Revenue Rewards,” we examined the importance of patient-friendly financial communication strategies and staff education. In Part Two, we investigate the benefits of providing patients with advanced technological services to support involvement in the revenue cycle and optimize care. At many hospitals, engaging patients in the revenue cycle begins and […]

Engaging Patients Delivers Revenue Rewards

Jan 25, 2017

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) projects that, by 2024, nearly $1 of every $5 spent in the U.S. will go toward healthcare. The majority of that spending will be direct from patients to providers, with the typical family of four covered by an employer-sponsored health plan experiencing an increase of $12,000 in […]


Nov 30, 2016

      Modernize and Mobilize: Patient Pay on the Go Jaeme Adams, CEO of SwervePay Health, led a session examining patient payment challenges that contribute to $150 billion in uncollected revenues each year. Adams highlighted how patient-centric payment tools–including pay by text–can increase collections while reducing both bad debt write-offs and administrative/statement costs. Thanks to all who […]

SwervePay: How Our Products Have Evolved

Oct 10, 2016

SwervePay was recently featured in Built in Chicago, an online publication featuring Chicago’s news for startups and tech. In this article, Jaeme Adams explains how SwervePay’s product has evolved into the success it is today. From a team of 3 in 2011 to a team of 20 in 2016, this article also details SwervePay’s share […]

SwervePay Announces Mike Luessi as Executive Vice President of Sales and Channel Development

Sep 21, 2016

Hire strengthens company’s aggressive channel development strategy Chicago – September 21, 2016 – SwervePay, an innovative patient-centric payment solution in healthcare, announced today Mike Luessi as Executive Vice President, Sales and Channel Development. Luessi is responsible for directing all sales and marketing efforts, as well as leading channel development, to support SwervePay’s aggressive revenue growth. […]

Tools for Price Transparency

Jun 21, 2016

In Part One, “Patients Ratchet Up Demand for Price Transparency,” we examined the current state of price transparency and the short and long-term impacts failing to address patient demands for accurate estimates may have on U.S. hospitals. In Part Two, we look at tools and resources available to help hospitals streamline transparency initiatives. The stakes […]

Patients Ratchet Up Demand for Price Transparency

Jun 01, 2016

Despite legislation in more than half of the U.S. states and provisions in the Affordable Care Act mandating price transparency, provider organizations still aren’t making it easy for patients to obtain estimated costs for care. In fact, a study by Transunion Healthcare found that fewer than one-third of hospitals in the U.S. currently provide billing […]

Looming Mandates: What’s In Store For 2016?

Mar 08, 2016

For providers, 2016 comes with a full slate of regulatory mandates that will continue reshaping the practice and business of healthcare. These include several new reimbursement models that could potentially slow the revenue cycle and impact profitability. The regulatory rush started with a bang in January, when the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) […]

Media Roundup: SwervePay Funding Making Waves

Feb 09, 2016

February 9, 2016 SwervePay raises $10M to support text-based medical bill payment system By Meg Graham SwervePay, a Chicago-based company that lets patients pay medical bills through texts, has raised $10 million in funding. The round, announced Tuesday, is led by Garland Capital Group, an investment manager headed by Huron Consulting founder and former CEO […]

Tools to Survive the Shift to Value-Based Care

Jan 11, 2016

As healthcare’s shift to value-based care advances, physicians are finding themselves faced with a payment model dominated by reimbursements that are tied to value and accountability. It’s a new world, one in which survival depends upon how well practices step up not only their clinical game, but also overhaul their approach to revenue cycle management […]

Optimizing Revenue Cycle Processes to Maximize Patient Payments

Dec 01, 2015

Healthcare is undergoing a seismic revenue cycle shift. In the past, the bulk of practice revenues came from claims reimbursements from payer organizations.  Now, with deductibles and co-pays rising, patient responsibility payments make up as much as 30% of a practice’s total revenue. One survey found that the total number of consumer payments to providers […]

Life Under ICD-10: Smooth Sailing in the Short-Term

Oct 28, 2015

October ushered in the ICD-10 era with a whimper not a bang. As with the much-ballyhooed non-disaster that was Y2K, the nation’s healthcare system neither collapsed nor stumbled under the weight of the expansive new code. That does not mean the ICD-10 doomsday soothsayers were completely wrong. It may simply be too soon to tell. […]

Minimizing ICD-10’s Revenue Impact

Sep 29, 2015

Hospitals and physician practices will need to contend with more than the projected double-digit drop in productivity in the immediate aftermath of the October 1 transition to ICD-10. Moving to the complex code set will lead to a cash crunch for many providers, in particular those physician groups that don’t have the reserves to ride out the ICD-10-related […]

Four Important Healthcare Payment Trends

Sep 14, 2015

To better collect payments, it’s important to understand your patients. These industry trends highlight the difficulty and cost of collecting patient responsibility payments and provides a view of what’s important to your patients 1) Collection Cost Decreases By 55% After 1 Year Naturally, the longer receivables go uncollected, the more it will cost to collect. The chart […]

The Real Cost of Collecting Patient Payments

Aug 27, 2015

Collecting patient payments has been a major pain point for healthcare practices for years. Unfortunately, this trend has become common practice in the industry. Most practices assume they aren’t going to collect all outstanding patient debt, but do you know how much it’s actually costing you? Here’s a hint: it’s more than the amount on the […]

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