We obsess over increasing provider collections by improving patient experience. We believe you should be compensated for the services you provide. We also believe patients should know what services cost.

Most of all, however, we believe both parties deserve a solution driven by honest cost transparency. Healthcare is evolving. As patients grow into consumers, a more user-friendly process must be built.

Think of us as your toolbox.

Cost Estimation Features

calculatorOut-of-Pocket Calculator
SwervePay calculates the out-of-pocket cost for individual patients based on their individual insurance contracts. With accurate estimates at the time of visit, you can provide your patients with the cost-transparency they now demand. It’s much easier to request payment when patients can see what they owe.

patientPatient Satisfaction

Build trust. Accurate cost estimates transform a historical blind spot into an informative one—something your patients will not forget. 90% of patients say cost transparency positively influences their decision to stay with a provider.


collectionIncrease Collection
Showing patients what they owe not only sets payment expectation, it also creates an immediate opportunity to collect the payment when the patient is in the office. Avoid chasing balances later by beginning to close them at the front desk.


implementEasy Implementation
We know you’re busy and we want to enable you to begin immediately. Our implementation takes a few hours, not weeks or months. SwervePay will integrate with your current EMR/PM, ensuring a seamless process at the front desk. Improve patient balances without disrupting your workflow.


supportResponsive Support
Murphy’s Law was made for health care. We are a fully HIPAA compliant site and we have a full-time support team here to answer any questions you may have.